Why You Need A Good Disney Guide Book

Why You Need A Good Disney Guide Book – Really

Sure it’s possible to put everyone in the car and head for Disney World, not much different from heading for Six Flags or Walley World and have a good time. Stop at the service plaza and get free brochures of the four themed parks the maps inside will come in handy.

The difference with Disney, it can be expensive not in cash alone, but in missed opportunities. Time can be wasted looking for attractions you remember seeing as a kid or took your kids to only a few years ago that are no longer there. These days rides have extensive areas around them such that you might miss some very interesting things to see. Or you could spend considerable time getting to a park area only to learn your bad back or neck prohibits you from riding, etc.

Don’t understand Fast Pass? You can waste eight hours waiting on line for a grand total of sixty minutes of actual ride time. Or blow an hour at a theater watching people carry fish around on sticks. Like the all you can eat buffets that try to fill you up with fluffy rolls first, you can waste a lot of time on fluff no one in the family really wanted to see.

Maybe the boy is interested in engineering or science, the girl in animals or a Disney princess. A great guide book like Birnbaum’s walks you through each land, describes each ride and concurrent attractions, restrictions, optimal ride times or when to use Fast Pass. Everyone in the family can read it, take notes of what they would like to try and see, then get together for a family vacation planning session.

A good guide book explains it all from bathrooms to dining reservations and so much more you might never have noticed winging it.


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